Dovish Fed “worries about the world”


Bloomberg: Fed Chair Janet Yellen’s speech at the Economic Club of New York on Tuesday reinforced that the central bank places a great weight on these market and international variables—and Deutsche Bank AG Chief International Economist Torsten Slok has a chart that shows just how worried the Fed is about the rest of the world: -1x-1 Source: Deutsche Bank


In the European session, the focus will be on eurozone inflation data with the euro-coin indicator.


BREXIT: LONDON (Reuters) – Support among Britons for staying in the European Union has increased slightly since last month giving the “In” campaign a narrow lead ahead of a June referendum, an ORB poll for the Independent said on Thursday. The survey found 51 percent of voters wanted Britain to remain part of the 28-nation bloc with 49 percent wanting to leave. The country will vote in a referendum on June 23 to decide on Britain’s EU membership. A similar ORB poll last month had 52 percent backing an EU exit and 48 percent supporting staying in the bloc.


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